Friday, August 7, 2015


BYB told you about it in July. Remember SWISHER WAS IN THE TRADE BAIT MIX?

Back in July, we wrote this: "According to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports, for a short time there was a possible swap to send Swisher to Atlanta..."

Then Nick Swisher went on the DL for the Indians with a knee issue.  At the time it was gonna be Chris Johnson for Swish.  Then... nothing.

Today, it became reality.  I guess the knee feels good.  According to several sources, but we'll use ESPN here:

"The Atlanta Braves reacquired outfielder Michael Bourn in a trade Friday with Cleveland, also landing outfielder Nick Swisher while dealing third baseman Chris Johnson to the Indians. Cleveland sent cash to the Braves as well, helping to cover the hefty contracts of the players coming to Atlanta."

And just like that, the Braves are going to attempt to beat out the Mets in that division.

Good luck Nick.

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