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If you are a New York Yankee fan you’ve probably heard from fans of other MLB clubs that you are part of an awful, obnoxious fan base.  If I had a nickel for every time I read an anti-Yankee tweet or heard a jab about how awful people are in the Bronx, I’d have a lot of dough!  In fact, I’d have so much cash that I’d buy the Kansas City Royals and contract them…I’m kidding.  I actually see the Royals and their organization as a class act and a club of hungry, talented, young players.  Their fans however…

I’ve sort of had it with other fans and their nonsense.  I usually just scroll by the B.S. on the time line or laugh off the nonsense that I’ll hear.  But as I'm writing this, it’s raining, the Yankees dumped 3 in a row to the Jays over the weekend and I’m done letting the clowns run their mouths.  Shall we play a game? Super.  Let me run down the list of fans that need a check up from the neck up when it comes to their verbal sewage.

1.     The Toronto Blue Jays

Yes, the Jays are a great club this season.  They hit big and now, with Tulo and Price, they are in the hunt to win big.  But their fans are outrageous.  Nobody cares that you’re in the longest Post Season drought of any other team.  You don’t deserve your turn.  Your club can earn it.  If they do, super.  If they don’t, toss the Leaf’s sweaters in the wash and have them ready for hockey.

Tell me more about the American Pastime, Canadians.  Please.  You are all such experts in all things USA.  I’ve always liked visiting “The Great White North”, but it’s hard to leave there without feeling as if Canadians simply tolerate Americans.  And don’t dare bring up hockey and have an opinion. If an American mentions the NHL folks up North lose their Touques and choke their your Tim Horton’s.  The Roger’s Center is only recently getting crowds.  Jays’ fan are not exact “thick and thin” type…but they’ll take shot after shot at the empty seats behind home plate at the Stadium.  Oh Canada, you guys are swell. 

2.     The Baltimore Orioles

The O’s play great team baseball; especially under “Buck the Builder”.  I love Adam Jones’ game.  The ballpark is sparkling jewel.  OPACY is simply one of the best places to watch the game.  I have many pals that root for the Black and Orange Birds, and all of them know their stuff…but many others just don’t.  They are unbelievably self-righteous.  It’s staggering.  Yes, ARod took juice…but shall we go into your history of users?  Guys you cheered for and paid…and now suddenly “misremembered”them.  

Brady Anderson?  Boom Stick?  I’ll save my rant on Chris Davis…he’s probably all natural.  Yes, Babe Ruth was born in the Charm City.  You guys invented the game I guess. How dare anyone run down the Baltimore Orioles?  They do everything the right way…just ask their fans.

3.     The Los Angeles Angels of…oh shut up

It is no secret that I am not a fan of the West coast when it comes to sports.  No, let me clarify that.  I actually really like San Diego, the entire Bay Area and even the clubs in the Great Northwest.  It’s more the teams in and around the greater Los Angeles area.  It’s not a knee-jerk reaction.  I lived out there a long time and this conclusion formulated over many trips to their stadiums.  Angels’ fans are pretty much EXACTLY as you’d imagined.  They look a great deal like Guy Fieri, and with all the fireworks, rally monkey’s…I just can’t.

I wish Mike Trout were with ANY OTHER CLUB.  I would go see the Yankees when they played at the Big A and would hear heckles like, “What does El Duque mean anyway?!” (AN ACTUAL DIE HARD HALO FAN SCREAMED THIS OVER AND OVER).  Or my favorite, “Yankees Suck!”  However, more than half the joint was jammed with locals clad in crisp Yankee caps. The ladies all sporting their pink Jeter and ARod T shirts…wait, I thought the Yankees Suck? By the way Jeter and ARod are only 2 of the Yankees…we have other players. Anyway, when they sound off on the Bronx Bombers and their fans it hard to stay quiet.  I can’t listen to it, Brah.  Save it for Disneyland and the Dodger fans.

4.     The New York Mets

I will make this sort.  You remember that kid in the neighborhood who just hated you because…well, because he was just miserable.  And no matter what he had to say something negative about you.  Your folks would say, “Rise above it.  Don’t give him the satisfaction.”  Yep, he became a Mets’ fan.  Do with that what you will. Anyway, Mets’ fans are #4 on the list.  Somebody run this post over to their Mom’s house, run down to their “studio” in the basement and let them know would ya? Thanks.  Oh wait, it’s 1pm…they are playing Halo online.  Maybe go around dinnertime.

5.     The Kansas City Royals

These guys are priceless.  They are a small market team.  You didn’t know that?  Its true KC is a smaller city than New York, Boston, LA, Chicago, Philly…hell; New Haven makes the place look like Mayberry.  So they are the true baseball fans and the rest of us are posers.  The crime here is that the Royals are a fun team to watch.  They play full tilt and I really like their players.  Kaufman Stadium is also a great ballpark.  But the Royal Rabble has lost the plot like George Brett in the Pine Tar Game.

A small market team making another run IS something to celebrate and be proud of.  The organization grew the farm system, made smart moves and watched it come together…. but, that doesn’t mean that the Yankees held you down.  It doesn’t mean that you somehow deserve credit for sticking with your team through the thin years.  Just root for your boys and enjoy the ride.  Small market doesn’t mean you deserve sainthood.  That being said, I love Arthur Bryant’s and David Cone is a native son…but calm down a bit, folks.

Now, you are probably saying where are the Boston Red Sox fans?  How did Philly not make the list?  No Dodgers?  Look, the list is a living thing.  It changes like the seasons.  The Nation fell off because since they’ve won a few rings they are…softer.  They don’t seem to be as angry.  Philly Phans are wearing bags on their heads these days and practicing their best E A G L E S - EAGLES! And the Dodgers...well, maybe next time.

Anyway, take heart Yankee fans.  We are who we are.  We do what we do.  Don’t take sh*t off nobody.

** From the Great RUN DMC to you!**

--Mike O'Hara Senior "Features" Writer
Twitter: @mikeyoh21

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