Sunday, August 30, 2015


I just wanted to share this comment. It's from a regular commenter and reader of Bleeding Yankee Blue, and it puts that recent Yankee slump in perspective.  I just found it to be smart.  Enjoy it. Thanks Mike...
"...Slumps are frustrating. It is irritating to watch your team struggle like this. After all, when a pitcher boots it (thank you Atlanta!) it is just one player. When a lineup struggles, that's 9 men (well, 8 - thank you Carlos!). 

But let's not pretend that hitting isn't the hardest thing to do in sports. They will work themselves out of it - hopefully tonight's outburst is the start of something good. But it is rare that an offensive slump, especially a team-wide slump- can be fixed by "try harder." Remember back in April when Didi was swinging from his heels on every pitch? That's easy to spot, and easy to fix, but that's the exception.
Otherwise we just have to bear it until it works itself out. And it will. Or it won't. Either way, the team will end up where it deserves."

That was written 2 nights ago.  since then, the Yankees have won 2 in a row.  Thank you Mike Darwin. One of my favorite commenters on BYB.

I'd love this guy to write for me. What the hell does it take?

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