Sunday, August 23, 2015


It's not supposed to be this way. The Yanks shouldn't lose when we honor our guys‎.

Today I ventured out with my old man to Andy Pettitte Day. It was a gift, and the ceremony was lot of fun. I was touched by the way Andy Pettitte spoke and was humbled. He's bashful, not used to the attention and I found that ironic considering he was one of the terrific Core Four. They were always in the spotlight. Always on display. But Andy said it best today. He said when he played, he went out there and did his job and he was thrilled with his team and support over the years. 

I was pleased with his family. I observe alot and watched Josh and his gorgeous wife and Jared and the rest of his family and loved their poise and maturity. It speaks volumes to me. They were raised right. Andy's wife Laura was a huge part of that. Andy said as much today in his speech. I Love that.

I love that Scott Brosius was there. That the Core Four was there again. That Bernie was there. And I was blown away that yet another Yankee great had a plaque and number retired. This is Andy's plaque in the Yankee Muesum today:

The game itself was just not fun. ‎ The Yankee bats appeared lifeless and hey, there will be games where that happens. Even coaching Little League, you have your days. But the Yankees can't have this now. Not with the Astros coming in. Not with the Blue Jays breathing down their neck.

CC was not the guy I love watching He was off. His knee was clearly barking and that's an issue. He may go on the DL.  At the time, we didn't know that. In fact, some guy said behind me, "You can't have this guy pitching for you in the playoffs." Makes sense, he no longer has it. ‎ CC went 2.2 innings, giving up 4 hits and 2 runs. He walked 4.

He was followed by Rumbelow, Pinder and Shreve and it felt like a brutal game. Watching it killed me. 

The Yanks left 8 on base and were 1-8 with runners in scoring position. Not great. ‎ Put it this way, the Yankees had no "Suzyn Star" of the game. That's when you know it's bad.
The Yankees scored 3 runs to the Indians 4.  It happened like this.

The Indians scored 2 in the first.  The Yankees responded in the 3rd when, with Brian McCann at bat, Brett Gardner stole second, the catcher overthrew and Jacoby Ellsbury scored.  The Indians made it 3-1 shortly after that.  Then in the 7th, Beltran hit a ground rule double and 2 runs scored.  3-3. Nice.  I was sure the Yanks would rally after that.  Nope. I was wrong.
Dellin Betances gave up an Indians home run to make it 4-3... and the Yanks died after that.  
Now look, there's a ton of baseball to be played still, but Yankeeland is getting restless.  We want consistency and wins. We're going into September... it's kind of important now, ain't it?
Anyway... Congrats to Andy Pettitte and his family.  I tweeted his boys today:

 It was a good day... spoiled by a loss, but damn it was great seeing Andy and his family.
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