Wednesday, August 26, 2015


There are teams in history that are unstoppable, but even they have slow, hard bumps in a season. The Yankees of 2015 have had many high times and many more lows as of late. We're at a low point, folks. 

I tweeted this today:
Increasingly, and a lot lately, there is no offense on this club. I'm not sure why, but it's become a cancer and it now almost seems to be spreading to the pitching. Now I'm going to be honest....

Down 3-0 at one point today with the bases loaded, Girardi came out to the mound to chat with Pineda. I looked at my bud and said, "This isn't a bad situation if we were actually scoring runs." I'm right. We're just flat at the plate. I mean, we attempted to get something in this game, but the moments were few.

I liked seeing Didi Gregorius hit a 2 run homer, but where's the rest of the team? The Astros are not the Big Red Machine and they sure as hell aren't the 1998 Yankees. What they are though is in a rhythm. They have confidence and it appears that we do not have any of that.
Give alittle credit to Pineda today, getting back on the hill after his stint on the DL and no question he was shaking some cobwebs, but hitting and run scoring need to help. We don't have it, and the irony is, we have the tools... we just aren't using them. 

Blame whomever you want. People are going crazy. Blame Cashman for not getting big bats by the deadline. Why? We have the bats. Blame Girardi for miss managing. Why? These guys we put in the lineup are the right ones. They aren't doing their job. Get silly, blame the Yankees for no mustaches.

Sure, every team with facial hair seem to be playing well, but facial hair and sure as hell, Brendan Ryan's now shaved mustache did not kill the Yankees Mojo. The Yankees approach these days is "trying too hard"‎. Do what I tell my Little Leaguers. Play. Play the damn game, don't go through the motions! We're here to win a championship after 2 seasons of not making the playoffs. No excuses... do the job!

No true recap today. I'm annoyed. All you need to know quite simply is the Yankee offense isn't doing their job. Believe me, no mustache growing is gonna help that. Heart is. Let's get back to that... please. 

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