Friday, August 7, 2015


Yes, it is an absolutely inferior sequel to the original, Walter Matthau driven movie.  However, despite the lesser Baio (Jimmy), story line and William Devane, the Bad News Bears 2 does have one iconic scene.  The Bears find themselves at the Houston Astro Dome for the big game against a wildly superior Texas team.

Due to time constraints the game is called with the heartbroken and angry Tanner Boyle on second crying in defiance, “It’s not over!”

How can they do this to the Bears?!  In a last stitch effort, Mr. Leak (Devane), clad in his old Army jacket emerges from the dugout to get a chant going.  “LET DEM PLAY! LET DEM PLAY! LET DEM PLAY!!”  The chant grows so loud that even some of the Astro players join in and the game resumes…and the Bears go on to win.  Yeah, it is not as funny, awfully predictable and…well, I’m not Roger Ebert, you watch it and make your own call.

Where you going with this, Mikey?  I’ll tell ya.  I wish Mr. Devane would take time out from his busy schedule of doing Rosland Capital spots to go start his chant at Yankee Stadium.  No, not so Tanner can play, but so the Baby Bombers can start seeing the bright lights of New York and say goodbye to purgatory in Scranton.

The Yankees held tight at the deadline.  They need pitching and didn’t get it from outside the organization.  Instead they promoted from in house and up came Luis Severino.  Win or lose that’s a BIG step in the right direction.

Now bring Refsynder back up!  Hell, bring up Judge and Bird too.  Why not?  Its time!  If we can’t dare put them in a package to land a Price, Leake or Cueto…LET DEM PLAY!

Dustin Ackley is only a slight improvement over Garrett Jones…very slight.  Yep, JD’s little brother hit a bit on the road…but is still south of .200…OF .200!!! C’mon.  Bring up the kids and let’s see what we got.  I don’t believe the old adage of “It may hurt their confidence.” Hey, life sucks, get a helmet.  These guys can’t be babied.  That will do more harm than good.  The Jays and O’s aren’t going away.  If we want the Post Season it’s all hand on deck!

Cashman can’t have it both ways.  He can’t say we are building the farm and then leave players who are ready to play down there and do zero at the Big League level.  If the kids struggle…so what?!  They’ll figure it out.  The Core 4 scuffled at times in the beginning.

I want to see these new Yankees.  The Yankees of tomorrow should have their number called.  It is time to inject youth and give the Yankees and their fans a glimpse of the future.  Now.


** And a song…because it’s my thing I suppose.**

--Mike O'Hara Senior "Features" Writer
Twitter: @mikeyoh21

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