Thursday, August 6, 2015


Remember, Bud Selig's not around anymore to protect you. You should watch your ass.

I don't care for this guy. He's a dude that makes dumb statements without worry about who hears them and he knows good and well for years, that Bud Selig would protect him.  After all, who remember Selig hugging David Ortiz after the Sox won the World Series a few years ago.

Meanwhile Ortiz had been accused, and rightly so, of doing steroids just like all the others.  In short, something stinks, and it's Big Papi.

According to the New York Post, David Ortiz is not convinced Alex Rodriguez is clean anymore... got it:

"The guy is playing the right way now — as far as we know. He’s having a good season and doing the right thing. I guess that deserves credit...He’s having a good season... Me, personally, I thought having a year off and getting older was something that would affect you, but he looks good to me."

It was a subtle jab, but a jab and to be honest, it's JV.  He knows that's gonna circulate in the press and he knows it going to get under everyone's skin.  Here's the better thing to do, and it's something that Ortiz doesn't do well... SHUT UP. 

No one really takes this guy seriously anymore, do they? He's old, he's frustrated and he's not relevant anymore and so, Alex is actually having a good season.  Whats more, he's helping the Yankees win and actually acting like a leader.  In fact, I don't even remember the last time Alex Rodriguez said something stupid to the press.  He used to do it all the time.  It's different now.  Bottom line, I wish Rob Manfred would do what Selig didn't do for years in Major League Baseball... treat David Ortiz like everyone else.

Big Papi is kind of a douche.  He can appear charming all he wants, but that game is over.  Those days of trying to be funny with hugging New Yorkers and getting caught wearing Yankee caps in the ESPN offices is stuff that was done a long time ago, when Ortiz was relevant.

Well, he's not anymore.

We all know something fishy has been going on with him and PEDs for years, authorities just didn't nail him yet. Well, they will.

I always say "Karma's a bitch."   Manfred should introduce Ortiz to karma.

By the way, big ups to my man Mike O'Hara when he was with the MLB Fan Cave for a great spot with Ortiz.  Round of applause?  Way to go Mike.

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