Tuesday, August 4, 2015


I'm not a particularly religious person. I'm not sure what, if anything happens, after a loved one passes on. But, I'd like to think that, maybe at least for little Kaiser Carlile, there's a little bit of happiness.

Saturday afternoon, nine year old Kaiser was on the field as bat boy for the Liberal Bee Jays; a team participating in the National Baseball Congress World Series Championship. Kaiser was wearing a helmet when he was inadvertently hit by a hitter in the on-deck circle. He passed away Sunday afternoon.

This truly was a freak accident. He was wearing a helmet, like the league rules dictate. The helmets are meant to prevent incidents like this. And I'm sure that the player didn't intentionally harm Kaiser. He was just trying to get ready for his at bat. Kaiser was genuinely loved by the Bee Jays. But now, despite all the precautions, and it being an accident, a family has lost their little boy.

I have a nine year old at home, and he loves to play sports. He just wants to be a part of the team and contribute. Kaiser was no different. His father, Mike Carlile said he was "A kid, small in stature, who just wanted to be one of the guys." And that describes most nine year olds so well. Bat boys, and bat girls just want to help the team. They feel such an immense amount of happiness and pride when they can contribute to the teams success. And they look forward to the day that they can play as part of the team. 

The league has suspended the bat boy program for the remainder of he World Series.The Bee Jays continue to play. They had some initial reservations to playing, after losing their bat boy who was their "Little Spark Plug," but Kaiser's father encouraged them to continue to play in his name. They gave a moment of prayer in his name before their game on Monday.

This is so damn difficult. It really is quite heartbreaking. He was following the rules. He wore his helmet, and it still happened. My heart goes out to Kaiser's family, and the Bee Jays without their bat boy. Like I said, I have a nine year old at home, and I could only imagine what they must be feeling. I sympathize with everyone involved. To the Carlile family, and the Bee Jays organization, my deepest, most sincerest condolences. 

Kaiser, I hope there is a baseball diamond in heaven for you. I hope you get to play with the greats. Rest well, little buddy.  

--Erica Morales BYB Senior Writer 
Twitter: @e_morales1804

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