Thursday, August 20, 2015


Hey Ervin, you're a cry baby.

I don't understand. I like Ervin Santana.  I mean yes, he made a few bad pitches yesterday, but the reality is, any time you make a mistake, most likely you get burned.  What's the way to handle it?

Own it... and move on.

Yesterday Greg Bird cranked out 2 home runs off Santana in the Yankees 4-3 win against the Twins. Read BIRD & EOVALDI AIN'T NO LAW FIRM... for more.  After the game, Santana had something to say about it. I take a portion of on this:

"Santana said, he's got a problem with the stadium.

Santana blamed himself for the first blast, saying he left a change up high and over the plate. But the latter? Not so much, Santana said.

'The other one was a very good pitch, out and way, and he just hit it very good,' the pitcher said. 'I know, probably in another park that's a double. But here, it's a joke.'"

Here's the problem with this, and it's 2 fold.  We're talking about a guy that was a gamer for a long time in this game, especially with the Angels.  He's got alittle clout and respect from his peers and the fans, but he also dabbled in PEDs and had to serve time for it. So, let's not talk about 'jokes'. The best thing to do in this situation, especially because both Bird shots were monster shots, is own it like a man.  Seriously.

Secondly, this is the New York media you're speaking to... you wanna war? You got one. The better approach? Tip your cap to the kid... and move on.  You lost, that's the game and yesterday was on you, plain and simple.

I like you, Ervin, I respect you, we follow each other on Twitter... but you're better than that. Come on man.

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