Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Another hit in the Yankees "August Bad Luck" routine.  Now Michael Pineda probably won't be back until at least September.  Oh goodie...

That comes from Brian Cashman who told Bryan Hoch of MLB.com:
So yeah... who knows if we'll even see the guy in September.

And what was the reason why we didn't try and nail down a starter at the deadline? Oh yeah, we didn't want to give away the "3 Kings".  Got it.  Well, Cashman was always known to be very creative when it came to trades in the past.  Are you gonna sit here and tell me that the Yankees didn't anticipate a starting rotation breakdown that's currently being held together by an inconsistent Masahiro Tanaka and a band-aid and no solid starter in sight?

Come on man... we're better than this. Sure, the Yankees are finding ways to win, but sometimes that stops too. We need to be ready.  We need a starter... don't we?

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