Wednesday, August 5, 2015


I'm the "called it" guy.  I'm not proud of that, but I am, and that's because it was mind boggling to me the way the Yankees brought in Dustin Ackley just to shit the bed after 2 games and hit the DL. Meanwhile they carelessly DFA'd Jones.  I looked at my phone at Cassie and Garrett's Twitter that day. I felt bad. I thought, "They're good people." And in the end, I wished them well, not knowing the outcome.

I did write WHAT ARE THE YANKEES DOING?, and in it simply wrote: "I kind of wish we never designated Garrett Jones for assignment... you know what I mean?"

That was followed with comments from BYB readers, many of which think I am absolutely insane for wanting Jones back.  To them, I laugh.  Garrett Jones is not a bad player.  Garrett Jones came to New York in a trade looking for a new opportunity.  The opportunity was a role that he wasn't so familiar with, playing less, and playing when he was called on and not a guaranteed spot every single game. Guess what? With his wife and family Yankee fanatics, the opportunity was right, and he went for it with opened arms. Going from playing every day to not, well, you gotta understand what that does to an every day player who isn't used to that role. You need to adjust and so, sometimes it ain't easy. And that's Garrett Jones right now.  But trust me, the guys a hard worker and a grinder and ladies and gentlemen... he's not Stephen Drew. Not even close.

Here's the bottom line, Garrett Jones is back, because Ackley is a dud so far and that's good for G. It's an opportunity to shine for who knows how long... but it's another shot regardless.  Jack Curry broke the news about Jonesy today:
Welcome back G.  Welcome back Cassie. 

Now let's get those Bleeding Yankee Blue shirts on and pose for me!!! Papa needs a new BYB photo of one of my favorite couples!

By the way, it's stuff like this Tweet below that I love about the Jones family:
Sometimes things happen for a reason!

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