Friday, August 28, 2015


Let me state for the record that I personally am not panicked.  I'm more annoyed.  I hate winning the wild card to get into the playoffs. To me, it's like being the tallest midget in the circus.  Winning first place in your division is what teams need to play for and the Yankees have played pretty well all season to stay in first... until recently of course.

Bergen Record and the great Pete Caldera (Read NO ONE DOES THE YANKEES BETTER THAN PETE CALDERA) has a good piece today about Cashman, the Yankees and the non-panic state they are allegedly in right now. To be honest, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if they aren't panicking.  What matters is if the fans approve of their play.  The fans are the ones that want this very, very badly. Why? Well, because for the past few years, the Yankees couldn't make the playoffs. Partly was because of the personnel that Cashman put together to call a team. In other words, the 2 years we didn't make the playoffs stings for fans.  And so, now, with us being in first place pretty much the entire 2015 season and then not... well, we don't want to lose this. It's too important.

Here's some of that Bergen Record piece:

"As the Blue Jays have bashed their way atop the AL East, the view hasn't changed from the general manager's office at Yankee Stadium.

'I'm not watching them. I'm watching us,' Brian Cashman said Thursday. 'I see the scoreboard with all the participants involved, but I'm only watching our games. And it's hard to watch the offense going through what we've currently been going through.'...

And tonight the Yankees begin a weekend interleague series against the Braves without use of a designated hitter, further compromising their offense, though their DH might benefit from an extended rest....

 'Are we a good offense? Yes. When we're operating a maximum we have a very good offensive team,' Cashman said. 'But right now, A-Rod is in a massive slump, Teix and [Jacoby] Ellsbury are banged up. Gardy [Brett Gardner], I think, is hurting a little bit, too.'"...

Look, right now there are many factors.  Pete's right, the DH situation and the rest they are getting in this NL series could help a bit because of rest and ARod's recent slump. But there are little things that the Yankees have done all year that have proved that they are a solid offensive them.  Suddenly though, that has stopped.

Whatever the case, the fans want action.  Myself and many of my writers aren't even inspired to write lately, and I'd never force it.  I mean, how many different ways can you write that the Yankees suck and that they need to get it together? No fan wants to be beat over the head with that every day. Why? Because you all know it already.

Let me finish with this as well.  I'm not ready to predict that the Blue Jays will win the American League East like some bloggers are either. That's JV, especially from a fan perspective. There is something that's called fandom that I take seriously.  Sure, you can think realistically... but you never jinx your team.  You show up, you root and you go through the emotions with your team.  The day you start predicting against your team is the day you crossed over from fandom to reporter.  We don't do that here.

Dig deep... and get something done Yanks.  Here we go.

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