Monday, August 10, 2015


Just a reminder to Yankee fans everywhere.  There are wins and there are losses, but for some reason, when we lose, we became immature children. You're stupid. This is life... if you lose, move on. We're losing right now... suck it up and be a God Damn fan and not a cry baby. Hardball Talk pointed this out yesterday and I just wanted to share it, read HERE.

Here's a fan throwing back Jose Baustia's home run against the Yankees yesterday:

So, as you can see, the ball literally gets thrown back on the field and right into the back of the head of Brett Gardner.  Are you kidding me?   I understand throwing a ball back of the opponent, but you had the whole damn field to throw it in.

You happen to throw at one of our players?  You make me sick! That's not an accident, that's an assault.

Here's another gem, and it makes me sick.  Tex is trying to get the ball, fans are in the way, and I get that, it's a fly ball, but you gotta get out of the damn way. Help your team!:

In the end, it's a foul and tensions run high, but again, Mark Teixeira says it best, "We know you're upset, we lost 3 in a row." Bottom line, fans need to relax!

Fans have to root for their team no matter what! Sure, we write about frustration here, but assault is ridiculous.  The Blue Jays beat the Yankees fair and square this weekend.  Stop crying like a bunch of bitches and root for your team like you've been there before.

Calm the F*** down!

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  1. WRare occasion where I actually disagree with BYB. Fence normally fight players for a foul ball and don't realize they are hurting their team. In this situation the fans actually did a great job of giving Tex space. Tex had the hissy fit when a fan (in fan territory) ran for the now dead ball and bumped him.

    I hope to God the ball that hit Gardner was an accident, but I'm not ready to call it an assault until the police do


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