Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Too close for comfort.  I mean, these are the Orioles we're playing here.  They can strike at any minute.  Here's the thing though; we got'em.  We won last night and it really doesn't matter if it's 8-3, 14-1 or 3-2... a win's a win and this needs to happen every time we play a division rival.

Nathan Eovaldi started for the Yanks.  He went 5.2 innings, gave up 4 hits and 2 runs.  He struck out 4.  The bridge of Justin Wilson, Icky Thump and Andrew Miller followed.  And again... it was tight, tight, tight.... but the pen helped out tremendously... and Miller got his 21st save.  Wilson got the win in this one, not Eovaldi... here's why:

The Yanks scored 2 in the first 2 innings.  In the first... Alex Rodriguez sacrficied home Jacoby Ellsbury.  In the second, Chase Headley doubled in a run.

The O's came back scoring 2 in the 6th to tie it up.  Then, in the bottom of the inning, Brendan Ryan came up big, no... HUGE, doubling in Didi Gregorius and putting the Yankees ahead.  I read this tweet from someone after the game...
I almost fell off my chair.  If a reporter really asked that, I'd like to know what reporter did.  How disrespectful do you have to be as a reporter to ask a backhanded question like that.  No doubt Brendan Ryan will not go down in history as being a "Ted Williams" type hitter... but damn, he's a member of the New York Yankees and he's playing HIS game.  Take it, that double was huge.

Yanks win this one.  Hopefully another one today.

Final: Yankees 3 - Orioles 2

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