Tuesday, July 21, 2015


The latest trade rumor comes from ESPN's Buster Olney. It's ridiculous... at least that's what I think.

It's being reported that the Yankees are "interested in San Diego Padres pitcher Craig Kimbrel."  That's right... Kimbrel.  I said that right... Craig Kimbrel.  Remember... we have Dellin Betances.  We have closer Andrew Miller, but for some reason, Buster Olney wants everyone to believe that the Yankees are now in a hot pursuit of another closer... Craig Kimbrel.
"I think this is a longshot but if the dominoes fall in a certain way watch for the possibility of Craig Kimbrel landing with the New York Yankees."

That's a quote from Buster Olney.  Now think about that sentence for a second.  You reading it? There's a ton of doubt and uncertainty in it. That's not even a rumor... that's a guess.  That's not even an educated guess. That's a "I think I'll make up something to get the people going."  

Look, sorry to sound like a downer, but I don't even understand how bringing in Kimbrel works when we already have an expensive closer and a hot shot set up man in the mix already.  Would Kimbrel be another closer... just in case? Would Kimbrel be the 7th inning guy? Is Kimbrel considered the beginning of the bridge? Would he even want that role?

Olney also said this: "The Yankees have basically let the industry know 'we're willing to take on money."  Wait... what?  The Yankees have a lot of guys with a lot of big contract still.  They have no intention of "taking on money." They've made that pretty clear for a while now. Where the hell did Olney get that from?  CC Sabathia. Mark Teixeira.  There is still a ton of dough tied up with these guys.  Where is this guy getting his information... Jon Heyman?

Look, I'm the first guy to dive in and love the rumor season, and hey, with the San Diego Padres possibly willing to move James Shields, maybe Kimbrel would have to be part of a package deal with Shields, in which case, I see the possibility of a blockbuster trade here... but for the love of God, I just don't know why Kimbrel would be on the Yankees radar with what we already have.  It seems ridiculous.

Look, stranger things have happened... but to be honest, I've seen this rumor 1 place and 1 place only... Buster Olney.  For me, It makes sense that this can't possibly be true.

Read everything... conclude later.  Sorry Buster, I'm not buying it.

Seems like you're jumping the shark.

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