Monday, July 27, 2015


It's fair to say that when it comes to Joe Torre, he and Alex Rodriguez have not had an easy relationship. Since ARod came to New York and Torre was manager, Torre was critical of him. I'd like to think it's because Torre saw untapped potential in him, and was frustrated with his performance in those early years with the team. Of course, I may be an eternal optimist. I won't pretend to know the truth behind that relationship... I didn't read "The Yankees Years." For me, it's enough to say that when it comes to Torre, the mentorship that Derek Jeter had, was not extended to ARod.

When ARod was making his rounds this off season, making apologize to those in power that he thought deserved an apology, Torre was on that list. ARod sought to make amends to ensure that his return to baseball would have the least amount of controversy possible. During that call he asked Torre for advice, to which Torre responded "Just go play baseball." That is precisely what ARod has done, and it seems that Torre has taken notice, and appreciates the season he is having. New York Daily News quoted Torre as saying:

"I think what is surprising is Alex. Miss a whole year at that age - there was never an issue of his ability to work at it. But with all the physical problems that he's had and missing a year, it's been, I think, remarkable how consistent he's been and his power numbers.

"He paid his debt. He was suspended. He did that. Hopefully he learned something from it. He's been determined to come back and play the game that he's loved. I know baseball's been a huge part of his life. He just craves it."

Whatever happened between them is between them. Torre says the relationship is "friendly" so all is well, right? To have the support of a guy like Torre is good for ARod. And Torre makes valid points.

ARod has been phenomenal. The Saturday game against the Twins really showcased that. He hit 3 home runs, giving the team half of their runs, making the come back win possible. He put in work, having started work outs and training as soon as the 2014 season was over. He's kept his head down, and nose clean, and that is all any of us could have ever asked for. His character has changed too, I think. Not that I think he was a terrible person before. He just seems more humbled by the opportunity to play baseball this season. After having to sit out all of 2014, he truly seems to appreciate the game more.

Look, I'm not going to pretend that ARod has been an altar boy. His career has not been smooth sailing. But bad choices, don't make a bad person. He's trying. You don't have to forgive him or even like him, but you cannot discredit his effort.

--Erica Morales BYB Senior Writer 
Twitter: @e_morales1804


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