Sunday, July 5, 2015


Sometimes you go to Yankee stadium and it's just not a good day.  Sometimes you go to Yankee stadium and you watch our team get demolished... but it doesn't matter.  That's because some type of moment happens... a moment that you'll never forget.  For my colleague and friend, Suzie Pinstripe... it was one of those days.  Let me state right here on the pages of BYB that the "moment" we're about the share is exactly why you come to Bleeding Yankee Blue.  It's "moments" like this that make our site unique.  It's friendships... families and social interaction that put BYB on the map. More now...

Look, it went like this.  Ivan Nova was on the mound today.  Everyone coming to Yankee Stadium today expected a win.  So showing up for BP and warm up, you go, and prepare for it.  Suzie was there.  I was having a BBQ at my house. Then I got this text:

"Garrett Jones just threw me a ball!"

It was true. Jones threw a ball to Suzie, who then immediately sent me a text and immediately I sent a tweet out to Cassie and Garrett:
Here's the best part. Suzie then gave it to her niece... who probably loved it even more.  And it's those "moments" where fans are born.  Garrett Jones is doing all he can to help get a championship with the Yankees, in the role he's been handed and he does something like that.  Well... it's pretty cool. 
Now you can sit there and say, "Well, he probably does this kind of thing 20 times a season. No big deal." Wrong.  Every time he or any player does it, it's a big deal. You gotta love that stuff.  It helps to toss a ball to a fan once in a while. That's that kindness, interaction that speaks volumes.  At that point, today's Yankee loss seems less important, especially after winning the series against the Rays anyway.

When the game started, there wasn't much.  I mean, Nova went 5 innings, gave up 6 hits and 4 runs... totally enough for the Yankees to come back from and probably win. Bryan Mitchell then gave up the next 4 runs... pretty much keeping the Yankees attempt to score runs out of reach.  They were flat against Erasmo Ramirez and Co., and that happens to some of the best teams out there.  Today it happened to us.

The Yankees let 6 men on base today and were 2-7 with Runners in Scoring Position.  The only run from the Yanks came from an Alex Rodriguez solo home run.  That was it.

So the loss, yes... it was a big one, and it sucked. But something else happened today.  Garrett Jones made a fan for life, and it's the little things... those little moments of fan, player interaction that can change the complexion of a games outcome and ultimately softens the blow of a blowout... and that's a good thing, trust me.

Final: Rays 8 - Yankees 1

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