Saturday, July 4, 2015


He may not have been banished to the pen....but the Yankees still don't trust their former ace. He may still be a starter, but CC Sabathia just got SKIPPED! He also isn't too happy about it either but that part isn't surprising.

CC Sabathia is a gamer, I still believe that. He isn't the same pitcher anymore but he still has that fire inside of him. He still wants to compete and help his team. I respect that, but I also know how much pride he has. He was supposed to pitch this Sunday against the Tampa Bay Rays but that isn't happening anymore. Now he will be skipped and Ivan Nova will be taking his spot. The big guy has a lot of passion. He wants to contribute to the team but now in a very big series against a division rival that is battling it out to get to the top of the AL East and he won't be a part of it. That is a big blow for him and as much as I want what is best for the team, I feel for the guy.

CC has done a lot for this team and that will never be forgotten. As brutal as Yankee fans can be we know what he has meant for the team but he isn't taking this new lightly, read more HERE. His defiance with the media in this case says it all. Not to mention the vague comment by Joe Girardi also says a lot....without saying anything at all. The Yankees are going to try and make CC evolve. He can no longer pitch with the same strategy that he used in the past. Now he needs to change up his pitching style and the extended break may help him do that and clear his head....maybe.

It was hard to watch Adam Warren get sent back to the bullpen because he earned a starting role and has been more consistent than CC but I am sure he isn't breathing a sigh of relief. He knows all eyes are on him and this new pitch he s trying to perfect to help throw hitters off balance. I really hope it works because the fact that the New York Post likened his stats to former Yankee Phil Hughes really isn't something Yankee fans want to continue to read.

I know this is hard CC and you are putting on a brave face by saying you trust in your management's decisions but please don't lose that fire. Keep your eye on the prize and don't let one missed start make you lose the big picture here. We still got your back!


 --Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer and Editor
Twitter: @NyPrincessJ  

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