Saturday, July 4, 2015


I just got finished telling you I rarely watch Yankee games on the Fourth of July in LOVE EACH OTHER and for some reason, maybe because it was raining in my area for a short time on and off... I peeked.  And I peeked at the right time because it was 2-2 and Jose Pirela scored and the walk-off was on!  But I'm getting way ahead of myself....

The Yanks struck first in the first inning today.  Alex Rodriguez singled knocking in Brett Gardner.  Shortly after that, it was Mark Teixeira sacing home Chase Headley.  Then... alot of zeros for both sides all game.

Michael Pineda was on the mound for the Yanks today. He was amazing going 7 innings, allowing only 5 hits and no runs. It was clear, the Yankees and their 2 run lead would hold up. But when Dellin Betances came on in the 9th, he gave 2 runs back to the Rays.  Talk about being deflated.

Then, the bottom of the 9th. I happened to come in, grab a brew, hit the head and turn the Yankee game on.  The timing was perfect.  Ramon Flores laid down a bunt. Chris Young advances to second, but at the same time, there was a Rays throwing error and Jose Pirela, who was on third charged home and scored for the walk off.  I normally don't post video highlights... but this one is worth it.

And just like that, 2 walk offs in 2 days against a division rival.  If you're gonna do a walk off, do it against the Rays or Red Sox... and do it on a big holiday... like the Fourth of July. The Yankees were reborn today!  Maybe this is the beginning of a nice long winning streak! It's moments like that you'll never forget.  And speaking of never forgetting...

I was blown away by the Yankee uniforms and hats today... and not in a good way.  The stars in the numbers of the players on the Fourth of July I consider over the top.  The hat was something my buddy Jerome would wear as his Sunday best when he'd meet me in the Bronx to catch a game... and for the record, as fans, I don't care what you where.  As a player, I believe in the traditional New York Yankee uniform.  No exceptions.

Now look, I believe in patriotism... but I also believe in the Yankee look.  The Yankees and MLB jumped the shark today.  Look at the hat for crying out loud:

The Yankees would have never agreed to that crap if George Steinbrenner were alive.  It's almost against all the tradition the Yankees stand for.  Hideous and my goodness... totally unnecessary.  What's next... pink numbers on the uniforms for Breast Cancer Awareness?  I don't like this kind of stuff one bit.  Hey, you want to color a bat light blue, pink... put stars on it? Maybe the cleats, the batting gloves... go for it.  Do NOT mess with the New York Yankees uniform.  It's downright weird and wrong and that kind of stuff needs to stop.  Hey, I'm not the only one.  BYB reader Owen Tweeted me this today.
He's dead right.

Final: Yankees 3 - Rays 2

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