Thursday, July 2, 2015


I'm getting a lot of notes from people asking how I'm doing, and why my commentary isn't as dominant on the pages of BYB lately.  I'm flattered, but let's be honest... I don't actually know some of you.  I like you because you read us and I appreciate the support of Bleeding Yankee Blue very much. But here's the reality... I am like you.  I have a life, a family and so much going on in my real life that sometimes BYB needs to take a back seat.  My writers do their thing when I can't and you know what? Sometimes they need their time too.  Life move pretty fast, you need to spread yourself thin sometimes.  Also, and this is an important one... we have always stated here at BYB that we aren't going to just put crap out on our pages so we get clicks. What does that accomplish? In the end, you're not satisfied, we as writers are not perfecting our craft and it waters down what we accomplished here. No one wins when we do that. Other crappy blogs do that... we don't.

Bleeding Yankee Blue is a machine at this point, growing by the day because of the quality we put into it.  We aren't looking for universal dominance... we're looking to make a point.  We do that every day.  We're honest... we're friendly, we're helpful and we're smart.  We're also fans like you, and guess what else?  We're also family people. We raise our kids, put on our pants like you and go to work, food shop and coach little league games.  In my case... way too much.  But here's the thing... my goal, and this comes from great parents, is that I do that job better than anyone else I know.  I want my community to know I'm all in.  I want my wife and kids to know that I am always there.  I want to be the "most fit" dad on the baseball field. I want my kids friends to say, 'You're a great coach... thanks.' I want my family to know I'm not occupied with something else. You know what I mean?

Now yes, in the beginning, BYB was my mistress, according to my wife and she was right.  I was up way too late and up way too early perfecting what I started here, because to be honest, I couldn't believe the popularity as quickly as it came.  These days though, the kids are getting older and I'm craving vacations a helluva lot more.  You know what else? I know you get it.

What's this all about? Stick around... we're here, we're fierce, we're just as hard working as we were when it was me all by myself posting a story at 2am back in 2012.  But now I like to sleep more.  Now my writers are trying to enjoy the summer more.  Now there are others things going on.

But here's a promise... as long as there is something to say that's truly important, perhaps a commentary or report on something "big" in Yankeeland or life... we will bring it to you at BYB.  We always have, we always will.

Your support is incredible. I feel it.  I'd love to meet you all one day.  You've made my life very happy... but I'm a dad and a husband and I love that job more.  It's too damn fun.

My commentary? It will always be here on the pages of BYB.  But I need something to write about... something I'm passionate about.  Me telling you that Tanaka sucks lately isn't exactly earth shattering.  Me making up rumors about guys the Yankees might get... or not, is just irresponsible.  We don't do that here and thank God the majority of our audience knows that.  Let the crappy blogs fool you. I won't. We're honest.

So do me a favor.  Keep reading BYB.  Enjoy us here. Share us. Talk about us.

Wear us and love and respect what we're doing.

I know you do, but I like to remind you... I'm not a machine... I'm a regular person like you... I just happened to stumble into something big...

I believe in Grinding... but there is something called rest too.  I'm enjoying both right now.

Love you guys.  Don't panic... we're here and stronger than ever.


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