Monday, July 13, 2015


I get queasy when I see major league ballplayers complain. Mainly because they shouldn't. What I mean is, these guys make millions of dollars to perform in a game, literally, and depending on the make up of the team, sometimes they grow restless, yet, they signed enormous contracts to come to that team and hopefully, collectively win a championship.  Sometimes it doesn't work out that way. But that's the game. There are ups and downs.

Enter Jonathan Papelbon, a blabbermouth and someone who seriously shouldn't be complaining at all.  After all, he's not exactly extraordinary anymore.  I mean yes, he's had good moments and very bad moments, but no matter how you feel about the Phillies organization, it doesn't exactly make sense for him to say a word about wanting to get out of Philadelphia.  Yet... he can't shut up.

Here's the story from Jim Salisbury of CSNPhilly last week:

Papelbon learned Monday that he will be headed to his sixth All-Star Game next week. The next thing he’d like to learn is that he’s no longer a Phillie.

'The front office knows where my heart is and where my mind is,' Papelbon said. 'And that’s to be with a contending ball club. The ball is in their court, so to speak... I think everybody knows where I’m at. I’ve always been straightforward that I want to go play for a contender and I’m not going to shy away from it. I feel like that’s my right and my prerogative...”

Then Salisbury tweeted this:
So he's an All-Star and he's a millionaire, and he's apparently entitled too.  Look, there's a few things in play here.  His attitude sucks, and maybe no one wants a player with a crappy attitude.  Maybe the Phillies are trying to trade him and it's not working out, or maybe out of spite, they're sitting on it because he's such a cry baby.  Or, maybe selfishness just shows his true colors.  Jonathan Papelbon is making this all about him. What a terrible role model for kids who watch and love the game of baseball.  Pap isn't being held prisoner by the Phillies... he's fine, making millions playing baseball.  He just needs to shut up and here's an idea... respect the team, his teammates and do the job!

When I grew up, I played Little League and was told numerous times by my parents to sit tight,work hard, ask for a spot if you want it... or, earn a spot, but respect the coach, the players, your teammates and do the job.  And guess what... I did that for FREE, just like millions of other kids out there for years and years.

But not a Major Leaguer like Jonathan Papelbon. He needs the world to know he's unhappy and wants to leave Philadelphia for a contender.  Clearly he's showing his entitlement card.  Clearly the guy won a few times with the Sox and feels like he should win every day.  He's ridiculous.

You know who never did that? Derek Jeter.

Respect's a big thing.  In baseball... in life. If I'm Papelbon's teammates... if I'm Phillie brass... I stop hanging with the dude... I bench the dude and make him miserable.

Pap needs to suck it up, kiss his wife every night he goes home and remember that win or lose, happy or miserable... he's a millionaire who plays a freaking game.  Embrace it bitch... it's not that bad.

Just a thought as I'm standing on a crowded train with no air conditioning for 2 hours trying to get home to see my own family.  Nope, I don't get the company car... and I don't get the millions of dollars to play games.

Good Grief.

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