Thursday, July 2, 2015


 Right... you didn't see that title coming...

Look, this wasn't a good series for the Yanks. But lately, none are.  When you are this far into the season, win the series, every series, and you will make the playoffs. That's just common sense at this point. It's a smart strategy and yes, I know the Yanks are trying, but the last few days have been miserable.  Yesterday at least we won.  Hopefully it sticks. Hey, it could be worse... we could be the Mets.

The Yankees had 12 hits to the Angels 6.  Nathan Eovaldi started and got the win.  He's now 9-2 on the season.  Yesterday he went 5.1 innings, allowed 5 hits, zero runs and struck out 3 while walking 3.  Here's the good thing... the Angels only scored 1 run off of lefty Justin Wilson.  That was it for them.

The Yankees run scoring went like this;  In the third, Chase Headley singled, knocking in the first run for New York.  Headley actually had 3 hits yesterday.  Good for him.

In the 6th, Garrett Jones cranked out a solo shot. That was actually the difference in the game, but in the 8th, Didi Gregorius singled knocking in a run as well.  There's your three.  Now let's get rolling Yanks!

Final: Yankees 3 - Angels 1

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