Monday, July 20, 2015


There was another account of another Yankee Souct... scouting to see the now world famous Johnny Cueto.  Could it mean that the Yanks want to be really, really sure they are interested in Cueto before they make a deal or are they just interested in watching him pitch.   I'd say they're interested...

Jon Morosi of FOX Sports simply tweeted this:
Now, I'll just leave that right there, because the Tweet is charged enough where you have alot going through your mind, like, who would the Yankees deal to get Cueto if they do pull the trigger.

Hardball Talk reports this as well: "Cueto is also thought to be drawing serious interest from the Royals and Dodgers, and there are a number of other teams that would make sense for him."

I say, let's just sit tight and see if anything really happens.  It is juicy info though, no question.

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