Sunday, July 26, 2015


I’ve stated more than a few times that I truly feel former MLB Commissioner Bud Selig is as guilty as any player in the “Steroid Era”.  It’s clearly apparent that the man turned a blind eye to the USE OF THE JUICE to put money in the Bank of Baseball.  That’s all there is to it.  That’s the end of the story.  Bud is gone and good riddance to him.  He was an absolute ego-maniacal windbag, and the game is better off without him.

When it comes to ARod I am of two minds.  I root for him, because he plays for the New York Yankees.  I hope he makes good on the chance to salvage his career…that he is currently doing with flying colors.  I want to like the man, because I’ve always loved his game.  He is a pure talent.  Alex was born to play the game the way Mantle, Mays, Williams and Robinson were.  He never needed the pharmaceutical assistance.  Alex was a Cooperstown sure thing.  It saddens me to know he will never be there.

On the other hand I am often mad at Rodriguez for the way he would carry himself and the things he did to cover his ass.  Alex was always ALEX 1st…then the rest of ya.  He never seemed sincere when complementing others and told lie after lie as if he believed them…and maybe he did.

I feel that ARod was absolutely crucified by Bud and his evil regime because he refused to kneel at the Alter of Selig.  Alex thumbed his nose at the hypocrisy the Baseball Brass was operating under.  They wanted to clean up the game AFTER their pockets were lined.  Alex also wasn’t Papi-ular”. It was apparent that fans outside the New York area pretty much universally despised Rodriguez.  What a convenient scapegoat for the Commissioner.  He used ARod as Public Enemy #1 and you could see how personal it was.  They did as many shady things to take Alex down as Alex did to save his image.  And then down came the longest suspension is the game’s history.  After some threats to fight it, ARod took his medicine and disappeared from sight.

So now it’s 2015.  Bud is gone and ARod is back…in a big way.  I guess we sort of owe the Mouth for Milwaukee backhanded thanks.  The year off did wonders for the aging Rodriguez.  It allowed his hips and knees to heal up.  It gave him time to figure out what is important to him.  It let Alex remember what it is to just be a baseball player again.  Now I could thank Bud…but I won’t.  His intention was to hurt Alex and drive him from the game.  Well, Bud, you creepy, old sack of wrinkles, the jokes on you.  You are finally out of the picture and Alex is helping his team win every time he steps on the field.  He is a mentor in the clubhouse and actually seems to be comfortable in his own skin.  The curse became a blessing and Rodriguez is finding he has baseball left in the tank.

Keep it up, Alex.  You haven’t always done it right, but at least you told Bud to go to the hot spot south of purgatory.  Swing away, #13.

** THIS IS FOR YOU, BUD!  FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY IRISH HEART! Because you, yes you…you sir are…well, tell ‘em Denis!”

--Mike O'Hara
Senior "Features" Writer
Twitter: @mikeyoh21

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