Thursday, July 30, 2015


Baseball and PEDs is like a hamster on a wheel sometimes... it keeps going and never stops and never changes.

Bleeding Yankee Blue said it and we've been saying it for years. Bud Selig wasn't about cleaning up baseball at all. He was about making Alex Rodriguez the example because he just didn't like him.  Guess what?  It didn't work, and now, with recent news about Jenrry Mejia and now 3 Yankees minor leagues being busted for drug use... let's call Selig what he is... a jack ass.

According to Hardball Talk:

"New York Yankees Minor League right-handed pitchers Anderson Acevedo, Anthoniris Santana and Carlos Santana have each received a 72-game suspension after testing positive for metabolites of Stanozolol, which is basically old fashioned anabolic steroids."

OK, so let's review.  Stiffer drug penalties don't work in baseball. Why? Because getting suspended for PEDs is like pushing the reset button. 

Players get busted, they go away and will come back and all will be fine and forgotten.  Melky CabreraManny Ramirez...twice. Ervin Santana. Ryan Braun. Bartolo Colon. Alex Rodriguez...and trust me, Jenrry Mejia and Santana, Santana and Acevedo too.

What happened to cleaning up baseball? Bug Selig was about smoke and mirrors.  Bud Selig was hell bent on being the Commissioner that "cleaned up baseball", but it seems to have gotten worse, hasn't it?

Right... right... Bud can't hear me.

Look, I'm not naive.  I know what goes on in sports and it's been going on forever, but it was crystal clear to me that the strike in 1994 nearly ended baseball, and then, when players started hitting home runs and got bigger, the fans came back.  Bud saw the money rolling into MLB. His thinking was "Why complain now?"

Everyone loves a home run, right? And so baseball was back and bigger than ever. Home run records were broken and "Wow... isn't this great for baseball?"  Well, under Bud Selig's own definition... no it wasn't, but why say anything then?  Crook.

When people started noticing, Selig began to pretend there was concern.  He went through the dog and pony show, Congress, "stricter drug penalties", but as players went away to serve their fines and new players returned, all it showed me was MLB was still selling violators jerseys in their stores, and baseball and those punished players stats would stay intact and continue to play.  In essence... nothing happened. 

Nothing until Bud Selig decided to treat ARod as the example, "So this kind of thing wouldn't happen again."  Selig netted and punished the biggest villain in baseball, who also happened to use PEDs.

With Alex Rodriguez down and out... it was over and Bug could ride into the sunset. He accomplished his goal.

One problem... Alex came back better than ever this season, and hey Bud, steroids in baseball is still here.

Message to Bud Selig; You destroyed the sport and you wasted everyone's time doing it.  This ones on you.  If I was Manfred, I'd find away to fine you!

The commissioner who cleaned up baseball... right... not buying it.

Here's that hamster...

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