Saturday, July 18, 2015


Robinson Cano homering twice in the Bronx today just further confirms what Yankee fans have thought since he left town.  Cano would have dominated, he would have been loved and he should have done it for less money. But in the end, Robbie could have been a Yankee.  Instead, he's miserable in Seattle and can't hit a lick.  Boo Hoo... I don't feel bad for you pally.

The Yankees lost today because Cano spoiled it, and guess what... that's baseball.  Michael Pineda started for us today and went 6 innings giving up 6 hits and 4 runs.  The 2 homers he gave up were Robinson's. The rest of the pen in Shreve and Warren held the Mariners down after that, but the Yankees were only able to score 3 all day.

In the 4th, Brian McCann homered driving in Mark Teixeira.  Then, in the bottom of the ninth, on a pitch that was definitely ball four, Garrett Jones grounded out, but a run scored on the play.

Now fans will bitch and moan about the swing Garrett shouldn't have taken.  They will complain that Jones isn't doing his job, or that he's not the right fit and his .224 isn't cutting it.  I say give the guy more time to shine.  This second half could be great for him. He's got half a season under his belt, he's learning the way things work in New York and he's in a role that's pretty new for him.  He needs more time. Was the pitch he swung at bad? Sure it was, but you gotta protect there, and he committed and tried to make it work... we scored a run, but eventually lost the game.

Hey... life takes some crazy turns sometimes.  If Jones walks on that pitch, we might have kept the inning alive right there.  If Cano stayed in the Bronx... he would have been king.  But neither happened... and you just gotta move on.

Yanks lost this one... but they'll win tomorrow.

Final: Mariners 4 - Yankees 3

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