Sunday, June 21, 2015


Winning on a day like today was great.  Sure, it was alittle rainy, but there was a feel of greatness with the old Yankee players at the Stadium and that was terrific.  Winning on a day with all these other things going on made me smile as well... Randolph and Stottlemyre getting honored and continuing the positive vibes after ARod's 3000th yesterday.  Gotta love that stuff. It's what makes being a Yankee fan thrilling.

The Yanks won a good one, and they are making the Detroit Tigers look pretty pathetic the past few days.  Today they won 14-3. 

Hey Verlander... Kate Upton's ours again... take a walk.

Nathan Eovaldi was on the mound for the Yanks.  He went 6 innings, giving up 3 hits and 2 runs. Bryan Mitchell gave up the other run by the Tigers.  Overall, the pitching was sensational.  The hitting and run scoring was delightful.  There is always something great about a rout that makes me happy.  Probably because I don't get as nervous when I know they are scoring like mad. Anyway... this is how we did it...

In the first, ARod reached on a fielder's choice.  With that, Brett Gardner scored.  In the second, Didi Gregorius homered.  Then ARod sacrificed home Stephen Drew. In the 3rd, Carlos Beltran hit a homer, Chase Headley singled home a run, and ARod hit a 2 run homer.

In the 4th, Beltran cranked another one out, and then Chris Young singled home 1 run. In the 5th, Brian McCann singled home 1, and then Beltran got hit with a pitch with the bases loaded.  After that, Didi grounded out but Teixeira scored.

In the 8th... Chris Young homered. 

Amazing game for the Yanks... love the rout. More tomorrow I hope?

Final: Yankees 14 - Tigers 3


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