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We here at pride ourselves on having good relationships with our readers and the people we interview.  We have had the pleasure of meeting a lot of the Yankee players and their wives and developing a nice friendship with many of them. They are all wonderful people and have incredible families. In short, many of us share the same values.  Amber Sabathia. Laura Posada. Marci Hensley, mother of Ty.

Heck man, I love that guys like CC Sabathia can give us a shout out on a red carpet.  Stuff like that blows my mind... that's because I'm a suburban dad with a Yankee fan site and I've managed to reach a brilliant audience.  My writers are unique, hardworking... and volunteers, yet, we are doing the impossible.  Truly amazing.

As you guys know, wearing BYB started with David and Erin Robertson. We supported what they were doing for High Socks for Hope and I think they appreciated the extra exposure. It was Spring training when one of my writers yelled down at David in the Tampa pen and he yelled back, "We're gonna wear your shirt." It wasn't an endorsement. It was a Thank you. That happened in April 2012, and we posted EVEN ERIN & DAVID ROBERTSON WEAR BYB SHIRTS!

Since then, the audience understood what we were doing and what we were all about. It was about togetherness and family.  Hell, we even became friendly with Clay Rapada who, in an off-season and no longer with the Yankees, was a man of his word and took a shot for us during a work out. Love that dude!

And just so you know, Clay hates "the selfie", so it must have killed him. But he did it, because he likes our message!

Our audience came out and started buying and wearing and it was flattering and truly amazing to see.

The wonderful Laura Posada (Read #40ISTHENEW20: A LAURA POSADA EXCLUSIVE) not only wore our BYB t-shirt the first year, she customized it to show off her abs.  Talk about using your head! Love her!  Then, when the women's tank top came out, Laura jumped on that as well and took a shot for us in Miami!

She's gorgeous in it and this made us very happy and we appreciate her and support her 100%. She's just a kind person.

Then came model and actress, Lisa Varga:

More terrific support of what we do here and we also support Lisa. She works hard!

(In Photo: Marci Hensley)
We were on our way... and more and more you guys started wearing us and we were happy.

And now we're here... June 2015 and I am looking forward to seeing Garrett and Cassie Jones sport our stuff!  You know who else? Lory Ankiel. You know Lory, wife of Rick Ankiel.

Rick's with the Nationals organization so while it may seem weird for Lory, the truth is, she supports  the pages of BYB, probably not the Yankees... you know what I mean?  We support these lovely people here at BYB. Be sure to read:



And so now I ask you... Cassie... Lory.... are you gonna wear us soon?  It's not an endorsement... it's support for what we are here at Bleeding Yankee Blue.  Fandom. Family. Love of this great game of baseball.  What do you say? It's getting warm out... isn't it?

Let's see who does it first.... Cassie & Garrett or Lory Ankiel.  I can't wait to find out!

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