Saturday, June 27, 2015


Joel Sherman of the New York Post wrote a terrific piece the other day about which pitchers could be a target if the Yankees run into trouble with they're starting pitching.

As we saw, Masahiro Tanaka hasn't been truly consistent, CC Sabathia isn't exactly lighting it up. Some would say he's getting lit up.  Chris Capuano was recently sent to the bullpen. Michael Pineda is hot and cold.  Recently... he's been cold.  Nathan Eovaldi is decent, but you gotta wonder if it will last.  It's alittle nutty.

Sherman writes: "...For now, sources tell me, the Phillies have not lowered their heavy prospect demands, and the Yankees remain firm that they are not giving up big prospects and paying the salary freight for Hamels...

...the Yankees have had eyes on Cincinnati’s Johnny Cueto and Mike Leake, but that is due diligence for both the trade deadline and the fact both are free agents after the season. Top Reds officials Kevin Towers and Rick Williams both recently worked for the Yankees — Williams was, for example, among the most trusted scouts when it came to pitching. Both know the Yankees’ system well and have strong relationships with the front office...

If I were making an educated guess — and that is all it is — the White Sox’s Jeff Samardzija is as likely to continue to titillate the Yankees as anyone. He was drafted to the Cubs by one of Brian Cashman’s current top lieutenants, Jim Hendry....

Keep in mind a well-run organization, the Rays, had to face market realities at the deadline last year and took Drew Smyly, Nick Franklin and low minor league shortstop Willy Adames from Detroit for a year and half of David Price. Is that package much different from, say, Warren or Eovaldi plus Rob Refsnyder and Tyler Wade?"

Fascinating stuff and while it's speculation, you have to understand that someone like Sherman is in the know and these points make excellent sense. So do the names.

I for one like the idea of Samardzija in pinstripes. I always have.  The White Sox are in the cellar, despite what David Robertson thought.  Shark is a gamer, a good pitcher and exactly what the Yankees could use.

We'll see what happens with all of this.  I just really enjoyed the Sherman piece and I wanted you all to check it out.

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