Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Is Alex Rodriguez forgiven? Have you allowed him to play and contribute to the Yankees this year and actually rooted the guy on? OR... are you still pissed... still holding a grudge because he's done what many of the others have done... cheated and lied. Ryan Braun is back in Milwaukee and it's like nothing happened.

Nelson Cruz is back to hitting homers, and it's like he just went on a short vacation.  Bartolo Colon was suspended. Melky Cabrera was and everyone is back now, and it's business as usual.

Guess what... I'm over it.  I've done my job as a parent. I've explained why it's wrong to cheat to my now 12 year old who loves baseball more than anything. I think I've made it clear that it's wrong and he understands that these players, while they are back, did something "illegal".  If I'm asked why they still get to play, I explain that I'm not on those meetings and then follow it up with, "Let me be very clear with you... it's not about them, it's about you.  Keep clean, keep your head down and work hard.  If you do that, you will be a success and everyone around you, you cannot control. You can only control you." That's it, end of story.

There is a milestone coming up though and it involves Alex Rodriguez.  And I ask you... where will you be when Alex hits his 3000th hit?  It's a big deal, whether he dabbled in PEDs or not and I'll tell you why;  PEDs makes you stronger, maybe you hit the ball further, but it can't make you hit the ball, and if you want to argue that that record is tainted too... I'll just shrug and suggest, I give up.

Call ARod a creep, a dick, a douche or a PEDs taking "ARoid".... pick the name... it makes no difference... 3000 hits is big. With 2987 right now, it's coming this season, and like him or hate him, you need to respect the achievement.  So I ask you... will you buy a ticket? Will you stand and applaud from where you are? Will you turn your back on the guy that looks like he's doing his job and then going home every night, trying to stay our of trouble?

No one is perfect, you're not either.  ARod is a role model that turned bad.  I won't allow my kids to admire this man for his wrongdoings, it was disappointing, but hitting a baseball is hard as hell, and 3000 is kind of a big deal.  You don't have to like him... but I would hope you at least tip your cap.

Remember, I'm not an ARod fan. I'm a baseball fan and I respect the game very much.  As a fan, I have my moments of frustration and happiness, but in the end, I just like great baseball.  3000 hits is great baseball, and on the night it happens, I'll smile witnessing that achievement. That's because it's big.

I'll be there.  Where will you be?

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