Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Strange report coming out of CBS News and who knows how much weight it truly has.  Treat it as a "rumor" and draw your own conclusions from it... that's what BYB does.

CBS News Local writes that this report came from the Boston Globe first.  No doubt it's from Nick Cafardo who likes to throw names at the wall just to see what sticks and you know what? That's the rumor season... that's how it works. But to be honest with you, I canot find the Boston Globe article they say it came from.  They don't even link to it. Strange.

Again, be skeptical, but it's interesting at least:  "...Then on Sunday, there was a Boston Globe report mentioning New York’s apparent fondness for both Clay Buchholz of the Red Sox and White Sox right-hander Jeff Samardzija.   While the idea of Buchholz seems far-fetched considering the rivalry between the Red Sox and Yankees, Samardzija, a free agent to be, makes a lot of sense. The Bombers liked him last year before he was traded by the Cubs to the A’s prior to the deadline only to eventually sign with the White Sox over the winter."

That the last time they mention Buchholz in their article.  That's why I really don't think this is a serious rumor, and just bluster to get clicks.  That being said, I wanted you all to see it.   The fact is, we've talked about Shark a lot here and the idea of Samardzija in pinstripes makes a helluva lot more sense to me than Buchholz, but I guess we have to see what this CBS News/Boston Globe rumor is all about and if there will be traction.

Read everything... the rumors out there are nutty.  But there's the truth in some of them.  Enjoy this one... it's prime rumor material.
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