Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Anyone remember Elvis Presley singing "Steamroller Blues" in his live Hawaii show? It was a hot, filthy song sung by the King, but the reality was, you were sucked in and it was hot. When you say to a chick, "I'm a steamroller baby"... the reality is, it's a cheesy pickup line.  In baseball... if you steam roll over your competition... you're freaking bad ass. That's what happened tonight with Masahiro Tanaka and company.

Bottom line, the Yankees are rolling... no.. THEY'RE STEAMROLLING... and there is nothing any team can do about it right now. They look great and  I freaking love it.  Here's Elvis... dirty dog....

Anyway. Masahiro Tanaka went 7 innings, gave up 5 hits and 1 run.  He struck out 6.  He looked real good.  In fact, you gotta wonder why he's suddenly so amazing.

Meanwhile, the passed month and a half I've been worried about the guy, insisting he needed Tommy John.  Hell, I even got into a spat with David Cone over it.  Well, Coney is right and I'm wrong for the record.  Let's move on.

The Yankees scored 6 runs to the Nationals 1.  It went like this:

In the third, Stephen Drew homered.  It was his 8th of the year. Not bad for a guy that's hitting .175.  Then, in the 7th, more happened. Alex Rodriguez reached on a fielder's choice.  That let in a run. Brian McCann then singled and with it, 2 runs scored. Carlos Beltran then singled knocking in Teixeira.

In the Bottom of the 8th, Drew homered again.  I'm not kidding. In fact, I'm freaking dead serious.  How does this happen? How does a dude that can't bat .200 actually contribute?  I think I need to reevaluate this guy... it's like .175 is the new .300. 

The Yankees are rolling. No... the Yankees are freaking Steamrolling right now!! We're a "Steamroller baby", and we're doing it with guys like Stephen Drew and Masahiro Tanaka leading the charge.  You gotta love and appreciate that.  As fans, we could not be more thrilled.  Am I right?

By the way, get the Aloha from Hawaii DVD set of Elvis if you haven't already. Yup, he's fatter and at the end, but it's damn brilliant.

Final: Yankees 6 - Nationals 1

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