Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Not sure why a BYB feature, REVIEWING THE AROD "SLAP" YEARS LATER from 2 years was just displayed on Reddit, but it was.  It was written by former BYB writer Rudy Laurens a while ago, but for some reason some Red Sox fans just found it, and I guess it's just a way to rip on Yankee fans, BleedingYankeeBlue.com and Alex Rodriguez.  Got it.

Don't get me wrong, I expected it when I made the editorial decision to move forward with the story.  It's an opinion piece taking the stance that Alex Rodriguez didn't exactly do anything wrong in that famous "slap seem round the world", but because it's ARod... well... forget it, the guy's a loser.

Here are some of the comments. Typical:

Relatively clean, not too attacking. More entertaining than anything, but clearly we got under someone's skin that they'd even publish it in Reddit.  Thanks! Here's the link.

Now look, a lot has changed in our BYB venture in 2015. We've gained a ton of audience and we love them dearly, and we started the BYB HUB, a great way for baseball fans to come to one location and read about the Yankees, but also other baseball teams... like the Athletics... and WOW... ARE YOU SERIOUS? THE RED SOX?  You're thinking, "Wait... but the Yankees and the Red Sox are rivals... so the fans should hate each other... what's going on here?"

I don't hate anyone silly.  In fact, when we created the BYB Hub, I asked Greedy Pinstripes and Section 36... that's right, a Red Sox site to join me.  Why? Because I believe in the venture.  I believe in working hard, the fight and proving your worth and when it comes to these 2 websites, it doesn't matter who you support. It's about supporting each other and we do, along with the other 20 sites on the BYB HUB.

So look... Red Sox fans... Bleeding Yankee Blue doesn't like the Red Sox. In fact, we want them to lose every game, just like you want the Yanks to do every season. We get it... but when it comes to the fans, we're all human beings. We're all out there trying to get the nut. We don't have to stomp on each other to get it.

Can't we all just enjoy the ride?

Have a good day everyone.

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