Thursday, June 18, 2015


BUSTED!! It must be SOOOO hard for a player to sit through an entire game without playing on social media. least it is for Pablo Sandoval. Go ahead Pablo, the game and your team will wait for you, no worries. Some people can't resist the social media bug apparently.

Sandoval would be one of these people. He admitted to reports in Atlanta that he was been benched as a punishment for not following the MLB Standards and On-Field Operations Regulations, read that HERE. Sandoval defends himself by saying he grabbed his phone basically at the wrong place at the wrong time. So, you mean to tell me you can't walk to the bathroom and do your business without jumping on Instagram? First of all, GROSS. That is bad hygiene. Second of all.....HI there is a game going on. Where is your sense of priority? Maybe if you can't get through a three hour game then maybe you just shouldn't play. I hope your chic gazing on Instagram was worth it.

Sure, Sandoval reportedly apologized to his team and his managers and admitted he was wrong but that was disrespectful. Your team is in last place and nine games out in the middle of June. He should be more interested in getting back in the race, but apparently checking out chics is more important. I don't understand the apology either. You admit you screwed up but then you can't commit to correcting the issue. Here is a quote from Sandoval:

"It was the first time, so I take the mistake and learn from that. I move forward to try not to do it anymore. It's one thing I let my teammates down. Ain't going to happen no more, so I learned from that."

You will TRY not to do it again? Then you say it won't happen again. That is contradicting and really not convincing. This scenario may not have been as big of an issue if the team was playing well. However, they aren't scoring runs, the pitching is lackluster and their defense is awful. The team lacks chemistry and heart. Sounds a lot like the team is spiraling out of control like they did back in 2011. Has this team hit rock bottom? Maybe. At this point, management is trying to jump in and right the ship. Has John Farrell lost control of his team? It looks like it.

Does this top the 2011 scandal? I mean, the players involved in that drama were not playing in the game. In this scenario, Sandoval was in the lineup! The drama never ends. When does the chicken and beer come back?


 --Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer and Editor
Twitter: @NyPrincessJ  

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