Saturday, June 27, 2015


Last night, it appeared as though the Yankees just wouldn't win another.  They looked sluggish. They looked lost and they looked like they were about to be shut out for the second night in a row.  Earlier in the day I was coming home from work, in my car, and I just couldn't find music I wanted to hear.  I was too... in my own shut out.  It seemed that no music on the radio or on my iPod could make me happy.  When I pulled over to the gas station, I had a weird, unusual idea.  I opened the hatch and for the hell of it, checked the trunk for an old CD or something.  What I came up with was gold.  I found a cassette, that's right, my car is old and still had a  cassette player.

And so, I popped in "Better of the Bunch 1990" and suddenly I was remembering where I was when I heard these songs.  Now, I'll be honest with you, I don't quite know why I listened to some of these groups, but I'm happy to say I know every word and it put me in a good place for the rest of my ride home.  I should have known that it would be a sign of good things to happen in the Yankee game last night.

Nathan Eovaldi went 6 innings and struck out 6.  He gave up the only 2 runs that the Astros would score.  The rest of the bullpen held the Astros from scoring again.

But it wasn't the pitching that made me happy last night... it was the rally.

In the 7th, Chris Young hit a 3 run homer to put the Yankees ahead.  Carlos Beltran scored. Garrett Jones scored.  Just like that, we were ahead and just like that, we won...

And just like that, Better of the Bunch 1990 is now in the rotation... for a alittle bit at least.  Yup...I'm a pretty simple dude. I like music and I like wins. Bottom line... I can live on that.

Final: Yankees 3 - Astros 2

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