Thursday, June 25, 2015


I know we are all passionate fans. I know we expect our beloved Yankees to be the best in baseball. I love the die hard fans and the energy we put into rooting on our team. I know we are opinionated and that's all well and good. That's one of BYB's biggest selling points to its readers; the opinions and personalities. What really drives me nuts in a select small percentage of fans that are constantly negative! Chill out with it bro...for your own sanity!

It's been happening for weeks now, every time there's a loss, immediately people want to "dump" this guy and "cut that loser".  There was plenty of trash talk about CC Sabathia after the loss the other day. You know what?  I remember when I saw a post the other night during the Yankees 14-3 win over the Tigers that said "Bryan Mitchell SUCKS!!!!"

I mean c'mon man. That night, the kid allowed one run (although he allowed two inherited runners to score) in his first outing in the Bronx on the year, just his second ever Major League appearance. I thought that comment was way too critical.

Remember, it was a 13-0 ball game at the time. I'm guessing, probably correct, that the Skipper told him "Throw strikes, that's all we want right now." So he did, for the most part, and although he allowed the three runs, only one charged to him, he got out of the seventh and proceeded to throw a scoreless eighth and ninth to complete the three innings save.

This is just one example of a fan getting all worked up. It was a two touchdown game and we are complaining that a kid came in and gave up a few runs? He saved the rest of the bullpen and pitched two effective innings to close the game. Sometimes we get too wrapped up and we forget.

Other players deserve some kind of grief, I'm not immune to giving Girardi and Cashman my opinion in forums or on this site, but some of it is so overblown.

 I hear:

"Call up Judge!" 
"Bring up Severino now!" 
"Why is Beltran playing?
"Why is Jones still on the roster?" 
"Drew is awful!"

Well, Drew IS pretty awful, minus his 11 home runs, but you get my point. The negativity and bitching and moaning has to be toned down... bottom line.

The Yankees are currently in a weird situation where they're on the verge of rebuilding with some talent coming through the system, but have some huge road blocks in the form of aging vets whose contracts are expiring over the next several seasons. The bed of the current roster was made over the past six years or so and now we have to deal with it. The kids will get their shot, they better... In due time though.

So do your blood pressure and mental well-being a favor and take a step back.  Enjoy the ball game, share your opinions, both positive and negative, but don't let them get overblown, and STOP THE HATE! We all think we have the answers, shoot, I'd manage the team if I was asked! But that probably wouldn't go over as well as it does when I close my eyes and dream about.

Look, the Yanks won a good one yesterday.  Maybe they will start a big winning streak now... try and stay positive instead of crucifying every player out there for 1 strike out of lack of productivity at the plate. I mean,  love your passion and your desire to see our Bombers succeed, just dial it down a notch and try and enjoy it!!

Dan Lucia
BYB Writer
Twitter: @DManLucia


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