Saturday, June 27, 2015


So I was curious. I was watching the game the other night and Jones went up to fix his helmet and there it was... a bracelet.  Me, being an ego maniac (hardly) thought, "Hey, is that a bracelet?"  I knew the Jones family had a stack of them. But the lighting wasn't quite right and it looked black to me.

So I did something that I sometimes feel funny doing, but I did it because she's a cool chick and I figured she'd either ignore my question... or tell me the dirt.  Cassie Jones delivered.

"AJ Burnett passed those out to the Bucs one year and he's worn it ever since, " she said... "I believe it reads 'Unstoppable'."

I was taken by that.  Unstoppable. As you know from reading BYB... we believe in the Believer, meaning, whatever works to make you as an individual thrive to be the best at you... we rally behind that.  If it's practicing off a tee every day, or showing up early at work to get ahead in your career... or even wearing a bracelet that reads "Unstoppable"... something you can look at every morning when you wake up and remind yourself to push to the next level... hey... I'm board with that.

I think that's why I've been a fan of Garrett Jones for a while now... mostly with the Pirates, and definitely with the Yankees now.  I like the drive.  I like that his role, while perhaps smaller than what he's used to, is still approached the same way... get out there and hit the crap out of the ball and do the best you can.  That's why I'm a fan... that's why we interviewed he and Cassie in EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: GARRETT & CASSIE JONES.

I just wanted to share that with you guys.  I thought it was a nice nugget and a cool treat. And speaking of treats... both Cassie and Garrett are gonna do something for us here at BYB real soon.  Know what it is? You will... soon enough!

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