Wednesday, June 3, 2015


A really fantastic photo brought to us by National Pastime Museum or @TNPMuseum on Twitter.

Check out the Tweet they put out yesterday.
Yup, that is Babe Ruth's mascot according to them. I say "according" because I didn't know Ruth had a mascot.  So, I did alittle research... Google has everything. This is what I found out:

According to Babe Ruth Central, "... there was one little boy who really had an amazing experience with Babe and we’d like to share that story with you here.

One day, Babe saw a man and his little boy playing catch in a park near Babe’s house in New York. He decided to walk over and watch the two play catch for awhile. Babe talked to the man for a little bit and found out that the little boy was only three years old. He was very impressed by how well the boy could play catch.

Babe then got the idea to make the little boy, whose name was Ray Kelly, his personal mascot! So the next day, Babe picked up this little boy and took him to the stadium with him for his game. And, that’s how Little Ray Kelly became a part of the history of the game of baseball."

Well how do you like that. There you have it, Babe Ruth's mascot for 10 years. Little Ray Kelly.

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