Thursday, June 18, 2015


The Yankees were hoping to have Jacoby Ellsbury rejoin the team by July 1....and now the Yankees sound like they believe it would take a miracle. The Yankees need this guy back. Hell, I have been waiting on pins and needles hoping for some good news. I guess when it rains, it pours because I feel like the Yankees are drowning right now.

The Yankees are a streaky team, and they are better than the way they have been playing. The games in Miami were absolutely disgusting to watch. Joe Girardi wants to try to tinker with the lineup and try something new so he put Didi Gregorious batting second. Say what now? I like a little creativity but if this is what the Yankees have up their sleeves then missing Ellsbury is going to be even more obvious.

The Yankees are 12-11 since Ellsbury has been on the disabled list. It could be a lot worse, but the Yankees are missing a spark plug here. The Yankees were hoping to have Ellsbury head to Tampa for a rehab assignment after their series in Miami, Florida. Instead, he went back to New York with the team to be re-evaluated. That can't be good news and Joe Girardi's answering doesn't sound too convincing. When he was asked if we would see him before the All-Star break, the answer was "I sure hope so," read that HERE. That answer is scary.

The Yankees are missing a lot right now. Before Ellsbury's injury he was leading the team in batting average, on base percentage, runs scored and stolen bases were all team leading stats. Even though he has been out since May and Brett Gardner has taken some of those stats but Ellsbury still leads the team in batting average and on base percentage.

The guy has been out for weeks and no one has been able to beat his batting average?! That's both impressive and sad. If the Yankees were hitting someone should hold that record right now. His on base percentage is still unmatched. He was the key to scoring runs. Getting Ellsbury back in the lineup is going to give the Yankees the offense and strategy they have been missing.

I know Ellsbury will be back, I just hope it will be sooner rather than later. If he comes back after the All-Star break then the Yankees will have a harder fight to win the division. We need him back, he is a powerful weapon. Cross your fingers Yankee fans! We will keep you posted on all things Ellsbury.


 --Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer and Editor
Twitter: @NyPrincessJ  


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