Sunday, June 7, 2015


Since he arrived, JD Drew’s little brother has had Yankee fans showing him the door.  It is safe to say that he is pretty much the most unwanted member of the team since Jose Canseco…but at least he hits a bit.

Stephen is bad.  He doesn’t seem to be able to catch up to the game at this level any longer and should probably just hang it up.  BUT HOLD THE PHONE!  There is one voice softly telling Drew to stick around.  It’s coming from his right…a little bit further…no, not Chase…somewhere in between.  OH!  It’s Didi!  Wait, why do you want Stephen to stay, Sir Didi? Is it to take the heat off of you and your less than remarkable 1st season in the Bronx? 

I see.

My brother served in the United States Navy.  He attended Annapolis and when he completed Plebe Summer (the grueling rite of passage for Naval Academy incoming freshmen) our family went down to see him be officially welcomed into the class of 2004.  While we were there, we met a number of his new classmates.  One young man caught the attention of my Dad.  He seemed like Jerry Lewis in an old military comedy. 

He was shorter, thin, goofy and clumsy.  A really good guy and seemed well liked by the other guys.  Later that day my brother uttered a phrase I’ll never forget.  When talking about his knucklehead friend he said, “We all love Timmy.  He’s our “Sh*t Screen”.”  That wasn’t meant as an insult.  Basically this young sailor was so bad at being a Naval officer, the Marines that ran the program over the summer months targeted him above all others.  He basically took the brunt of the heat for the rest of the boys in his outfit.  The story ends up great in case you were wondering.  That young man graduated, became a decorated Marine and now has a great career in business and a wonderful family.

The more I think about Stephen Drew the more I see the benefit of a “Sh*t Screen” for a player like Didi.  He is trying to fill the unfillable spikes of a Yankee legend.  He has been erratic at times with his highly touted defense and his bat…well…his bat is giving opposing pitchers a nice, cool breeze on warm early summer nights.  Didi flat out NEEDS Drew around to give him some shade!

The unfortunate fact…for our young shortstop anyway, is that Drew’s days are numbered.  Or at least we hope they are.  There is no way that even the always-positive Joe Girardi can defend Stephen’s play.  He needs to be DFA’d.  They should see what they have in Double R.  Why the hell not?  Yes, he is not as sure a glove…but I’d say it’s worth the gamble.  If that doesn’t work Cashman will start combing the market for a decent middle infielder to help the offense…ya know, like Prado!

I feel for you Didi.  But my advice would be to play without a Sh*t Screen.  Up your game, take your knocks and toughen your skin.  This is the Bronx!  It doesn’t come easy, but if you play your heart out they’ll love ya for it…even if they’re showing you the door at the same time.

** This is for you Sir Didi.  Welcome to the Bronx.  There is no shelter here. Play ball!**


--Mike O'Hara
Senior "Features" Writer
Twitter: @mikeyoh21

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