Monday, June 15, 2015


As you know, the Yankees want a righty pitcher.  There is much debate about what they actually want, be it a reliever or starter, or both.

Now, as you know, they eliminated Esmil Rogers after that just wasn't working out, and then they snagged Sergio Santos. 

They've also been attached to Johnny Cueto, although, if you ask BYB writer Ike Dimitriadis about it, he'll tell you that he just doesn't see that as a good fit.  I tend to agree with him.

Now, you also may know that the Mets designated Dillon Gee for assignment, and then dropped him from their roster.  I'm here to tell you I have no doubt, the Yankees will be looking at this guy closely, if they haven't sniffed around his hydrant already.   Why? Well... here it is...

Hardball Talk writes: "It’s still possible they’ll find a taker, since designating him for assignment gives them 10 days to potentially trade Gee, but clearly the level of interest in him has been minimal. It also didn’t help their efforts that Gee has allowed 29 runs in 40 innings this season and missed time with a groin injury. 

When healthy Gee has been a decent middle-of-the-rotation starter, posting a 3.91 ERA in 640 innings prior to this season, and he’s still under 30."

He's cheap, it's easy and the Yanks will treat it as an experiment, especially because they won't break the bank on the guy.  Look, I don't know if the Yankees looking at the guy's a good of bad thing, no one does.  They tend to experiment a lot though, this is clear.  Plus, factor in the fact that a change of scenery can sometimes change a player, although, the Gee groin injury doesn't help matters... neither does the 29 runs in 40 innings.

All I'm saying is... watch. The Yanks will kick the tires on this guy, or, sniff around his hydrant... or something.

  American Eagle

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