Thursday, May 7, 2015


 Alex Rodriguez and his 661st home run is significant. Willie Mays has always been one of those "greatest players" and everyone knows the name.  Now though, Alex has passed him in home runs. It's pretty amazing if you think about it.  You know, it's funny how the Yankees don't find Alex marketable.  He's the poster child for "righting wrongs" and you'd almost think they'd try to promote him that way and throw him $6 million.  I know, at this point the Yanks aren't interested in that, and Alex doesn't seem to care... it's just fascinating to me how a player and team can bicker so much, yet, need to play with each other.  They're stuck. I guess the Yanks don't trust him... believe me, I get it. Anyway, I'm rambling...

The Yankees won on power and confidence tonight.  Oh yeah, and some decent pitching too.

Nathan Eovaldi went 5.2 innings. He gave up 6 hits and only 3 runs.  After that, the pen didn't give up another run and the Yankee offense helped keep the Yanks in it.  It was a perfect combination tonight.

In the first, Alex Rodriguez sacrificed home 1 run. Then Mark Teixeira singled knocking in Brett Gardner. In the 3rd, Alex homered. 

Then in the bottom of the 5th, Mark Teixeira doubled knocking in that extra run we needed.  It was right about there that BYB writer, Mike O'Hara tweeted this:
Pretty funny considering he's not a huge fan of Mark Teixeira.  Gotta love the honesty here at BYB. Damn, this is fun.

Anyway, the Yankees won and I like that.  Sleep well.

Final: Yankees 4 - Orioles 3

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