Friday, May 15, 2015


Some games you just don't have it.  Lately though, the Yankees don't have anything.  4 games in a row they lost, but not only that, tonight the Royals demolished the Yankees.  In essence, the Yankees got the crap kicked out of them tonight.  They had their punching bag faces on.  We looked pretty pathetic... kind of like the guy above.

The Yankees were 1-5 with Runners in scoring position.  They left 6 on base.  They scored 1 run all night on a Brian McCann RBI.

Michael Pineda gave up 5 tuns on 10 hits.  Hey, not a great outing for a guy who's been pretty much lights out all season.  That being said, every pitcher had a bad outing. Tonight was his.  The rest of the pen just didn't have it tonight either.

In fact, combined they gave up the additions 7 runs.  All around... a bad, BAD night for the Yankees and for us fans who have now seen our team lose 4 in a row.

Nothing more to say... I'm growing more and more frustrated the last few days.  I don't like this skid at all... we need to start winning again.  Bottom line.

Final: Royals 12 - Yankees 1

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