Thursday, May 14, 2015


In the event of Chase Whitley leaving because of injury tonight, I have 1 thing to say; It's not tragic... it's not breaking news or earth shattering or anything like that. 

For Chase Whitley, it sucks, absolutely.  I mean, the dude's a good pitcher who's hurt now and we'll get into that at some point here on BYB.  But you wanna talk about tragedy? How about the 8 who died on that Amtrak Train. That's real important shit.  The Yankees have other pitchers... we'll get by.

The Yankees lost tonight.  It was a suck fest, kind of like when I was watching Reno 911 Miami and the dude in the motel was breaking chops about the cops doing a suck fest and wanted to only offer 1 room... kind of like that. Here's the difference, Reno 911 Miami was probably more fun. The Yankees didn't look as fun tonight. We looked sad.  As a Yankee fan, it was disgraceful, we just couldn't get a break tonight.

In addition to Whitley's elbow injury, there was just 1 run the Yankees scored all night.  ONE run.  That came in the 9th with the Yankees down 6- zip.  Alex Rodriguez hit a solo shot. Oh... good for him.

The Yankees pitching gave up a combined 6 runs between Whitley, Esmil Rogers and Chasen Shreve.  Nice night... right? Between the injury and the suck fest... we were truly owned.  Forget it... I'm working myself up... I'm out.

Final: Rays 6 - Yankees 1

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