Thursday, May 14, 2015


Writers will try to make this a controversy because Alex Rodriguez is attached.  I'm here to tell you there is no controversy, this is all a good thing.

Daily News writes:

"Drew was out on the field early Tuesday taking grounders and working on footwork at third base. Drew has started 20 games at second base and six games at shortstop this season, but Girardi told the Daily News that he might use him at third base instead of A-Rod the next time he gives Chase Headley a day off."

OK fine.  If Alex Rodriguez is doing so well at the plate, and he's currently nursing a hammy, it's smart to keep him out of the field right now. So do it.

Plus, I've never hammered Drew for his defense, I like him in the field. I just know my mom can hit for average better than the guy.  The best case scenerio is, you give Chase Headley a day off, Alex doesn't get hurt any worse, Drew fills in at 3rd and here comes Jose Pirela, one of the kids to play second base on those "Drew to third" days.

This opens alot of doors and in essence, there really is no controversy here. Trust me, ARod's not upset.

So ultimately, this is a small story, not big like the major publications will make it out to be.

Carry on.

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