Tuesday, May 5, 2015


You didn't expect this, but at the same time, the Blue Jays never roll over either.  But it wasn't so much the Jays last night as it was Chase Headley, who admitted... that bad throw was on him.  That was the difference.

Chase Whitley went 7 innings, gave up only 6 hits and no runs.  The Yankees were one their way.  They were up 1-0 because of a Garrett Jones ground out that scored a run. 

Then in the bottom of the 7th, both Chris Martin and Dellin Betances gave up runs, and a Russell Martin single to Headley who ended up throwing the ball away.  It darted from Garrett Jones, and just like that, the Jays were up 3-1.  It stayed that way... the end.  You know what? It happens.  It sucks, it's stinging, but it happens. Move forward now.

The Yanks have been playing good ball lately and there are alot of fans starting to rank on Garrett Jones lately and I am not exactly sure why.  This is a guy that's not playing consistently.  How do you expect him to get into any type of groove?  Back off... Jones is one of us... a dude with a Yankee fan family just wanting to contribute.  Let the guy work it out, he'll get there.  Last night... that was on Headley and even Chase admitted that. Stop the bickering, new game today.

Final: Blue Jays 3 - Yankees 1

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