Thursday, May 7, 2015


"CC Sucks", a friend of mine texted me last night.

Harsh.  Not really what I'm thinking to tell you the truth, but there's a hint of truth to it.  Look, CC Sabathia is one of my favorite pitchers.  He's a true gamer in every sense of the word, but clearly something isn't right.  Maybe it was the knee thing, maybe it's weight. Maybe it's just not being able to get into a groove.  But more importantly, now... maybe it's all in his head. Maybe he's beating himself.

There's a kid on my Little League team with a ton of potential.  He's a decent pitcher, but if there's a walk... if there's a hit off him or he pitches wild, suddenly, he can't find the strike zone.  "You're playing catch kid, don't think about it," I'd tell him.  Maybe not the greatest advice, but my point is, you gotta keep it simple.

CC is in his own head, and last night, it didn't help that the Yankees couldn't pick him up.  Instead, we were blanked and CC was handed his 5th loss of the season.  That's right ZERO-5. I'm not gonna lie, I feel terrible for CC... but I'm no professional that can figure out this puzzle... I'm a fan.

CC went 6.1 innings, he gave up 9 hits and 4 runs.  I mean ultmately, that line isn't so bad if the Yankees are hitting.  We just didn't have it in the offense department.  Esmil Rogers gave up that other run by the way and on the offense side, we had only 7 hits to the Blue Jays 12.  We were 0-6 with Runners in Scoring Position and left 8 runners on base.  It's just a really bad night all around... it sucks actually.

Not much more to say.  I'm still a CC guy, but we need him throwing, not thinking... at this point a combination like that, and an offensive spark will really help this guy turn it around.  It's all we have right now.

Final: Blue Jays 5 - Yankees 0

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