Saturday, May 30, 2015


Winning is the reason the Yankees are out there every night.  It's not about trying... it's about doing.  With the Rangers losing last night... with Matt Harvey getting a loss in Metsland and with the Yankees also losing last night, New York is annoyed.  But I'm most aggravated about my Yankees... after all, that's my team, and we have the ability to win every damn game.  Can we at least do that? Please?

Chris Capuano was on the mound and the guy just doesn't have the stuff.  The experiment is over.  Can we all agree? 5.1 innings pitched, allowed 4 runs.  Bottom line, A's starter Sonny Gray was just bettter.

As far as hitting.  The A's ended up getting 6 runs last night.  4 off of Cap, and 2 off of Lindgren in his 1 inning of work.  I'm not about to get on Lindgren, he's brand new.  The way I see it, Cap shouldn't be digging the hole.

The Yanks scored 2 runs. They left 5 on base.  In the 5th, Brian McCann homered.  In the 6th, Brett Gardner grounded out, but Didi Gregorius scored.  That was literally it. 

I'm not happy.  I know you're not either.  We really need to turn this around.  Maybe today is the day.

Final: Athletics 6 - Yankees 2

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