Friday, May 22, 2015


When we last left Ty Hensley, he was headed for Tommy John Surgery.  We wrote about it in TY HENSLEY: NEVER SAY QUIT. That was in April.

We had just interviewed him a few weeks before with an update on his rehab and recovery after his beating in Oklahoma over the holiday. It was tragic, but he was on his way back and really making progress... then the elbow.  That big recovery intreview was titled THE BOY FROM OKLAHOMA: A TY HENSLEY EXCLUSIVE. In it, the last thing he said to the BYB audience was:

"Thanks for following my journey so far. I promise this next part is gonna be a lot more exciting. I'll make y'all proud!"

And now, after Tommy John surgery... we wait for him to recover again.  But he will and he'll come back stronger, because he's Ty Hensley, the kid who doesn't quit.

Now, we haven't been able to communicate with Ty recently.  Clearly the Hensley's are keeping a low profile and I get that and respect it.  I did want to share his clever tweet with you though, and it just shows you the character and humor this young man has:

Get well soon Ty, and remember, Bleeding Yankee Blue is pulling for you.

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