Sunday, May 3, 2015


I have always loved Fenway Park.  Believe it or not, it may be one of my favorite ballparks ever.  I know, I'm a Yankee fan.... I shouldn't say that, but I just did. It's a fact.  I love it more however when the Yankees win in Fenway.  That's when it's a perfect day.  

When they win 2 in a row... it's more perfect!  I hate to get ahead of myself... but a sweep tonight would be delightful... that's just me spitballing...

The Yankees won again.  Nathan Eovaldi, who's been pretty great for us went 6.2 innings, striking out just 2, but giving up only 2 runs on 7 hits.  The Yankee pen, who's been spectacular, held down the Sox bats after that.  The combo of Chris Martin, Justin Wilson and Dellin Betances struck out 5 combined and only gave up 1 hit.  I like that.

The Yankee run scoring went like this:

In the 3rd inning, Brett Gardner doubled and knocked in Didi Gregorius.  Then in the 5th, it was Brett Gardner again, this time singling in 1.

For insurance, in the 9th, Chris Young homered.  Mets fans hate Chris Young right now... he's exactly what he wasn't in Queens... good.

Final: Yankees 4 - Red Sox 2

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